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NS_IMETHODIMP nsEditor::CreateTxnForSetAttribute ( nsIDOMElement aElement,
const nsAString aAttribute,
const nsAString aValue,
ChangeAttributeTxn **  aTxn 
) [protected, inherited]

create a transaction for setting aAttribute to aValue on aElement

Definition at line 4681 of file nsEditor.cpp.

References TransactionFactory::GetNewTransaction().

  nsresult result = NS_ERROR_NULL_POINTER;
  if (nsnull != aElement)
    result = TransactionFactory::GetNewTransaction(ChangeAttributeTxn::GetCID(), (EditTxn **)aTxn);
    if (NS_SUCCEEDED(result))  {
      result = (*aTxn)->Init(this, aElement, aAttribute, aValue, PR_FALSE);
  return result;

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